2 year old development activities by Milestone

Emma Davies
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Milestones at 2 years of age are as follows:

  • Social and emotional: The child may begin to show defiant behavior, will imitate behavior, or that of others, and begins to demonstrate increasing independence.
  • Language milestones: From 2 years the child will repeat words heard in conversations, and use two to four word sentences.  The child will point to things they recognize, and follow simple instructions. 
  • Cognitive milestones: The child will enjoy make-believe play, and begins to sort shapes and enjoy finding objects.
  • Physical milestones: By now the child can walk alone, begins to run, walks up and down stairs holding a support rail, can kick a ball, and can carry a large toy.

  • More pretending 

Watching kids playing is the best ever pastime.  Just watch them play as they pretend as they perhaps use a banana as a make believe telephone. Their play world is highly creative, and they may play with dolls as if they are real and talk to them, dress and feed them and take them for walks.  It’s fun when they act as though they’re driving a car or pretending to be Mom making the dinner. 

Read them stories wherever possible and try to invent exciting tales to tell.  For example if they’ve been to the park and taken teddy ask, ‘What adventures did you enjoy with teddy today, and is he ready for tea?’ 

You’ll be surprised what the child tells you!  You can make up a story and call it, ‘Teddy’s day in the park’.

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  • Potty training should be a fun activity

Be smart and positive, and try to stay calm as this is a big time for any child.  They’re not babies anymore and are growing fast.  The child may be ready to begin this exciting activity before 2 years of age, but it depends very much on the child. 

A good idea is to read about potty training and invent some jolly fun characters. Buy a fun potty, even if it’s shaped like a crocodile, or a caterpillar. It could be given a name such as ‘Hippo Potty.’

Let them choose this precious item as it's going to be very special to the child.  You could have a potty party, and invite the child’s friends to bring their potties and see who can take centre stage!

Reassure everyone that this is a fun time and a cause for much celebration.

Make a sticker chart and remember to phone Granny to say the child has done a first week on the new potty and make it sound very special. Every child has the odd accident when training and many tales surround this transitory spell from diapers to grown up pants.  

One very amusing story was of 2 year old Clare who bought her first poop in her hand to show her Mom who was stacking the dishwasher.  Of course, it was an amusing, if not a smelly encounter. 

Always congratulate your child if they’ve used the potty, and don’t rush things as they will get there in their own time.  It may take weeks or months but just go with the flow. Allow night time diapers until they are dry which may be up to 4 years old.

  • Sleeping soundly

Sleeping is a very important activity of any child and while they sleep amazing processes occur.  Set the stage for sleep and have a solid routine, include a bedtime story and chat about the day.

Never have a TV in a room, as it will distract your child from gradually drifting into the dreamy world of sleep.  Sleep allows the brain to transform information from things learned in the day, eg: How do I sort that puzzle?’

It’s a known fact that bones grow in the night and when kids sleep it balances hormones giving them all types of information. Sleep appears to protect children from high blood pressure, and the immune system recharge, allowing them to beat germs, and they’ll stay healthy by having the right amount of sleep.

‘Over time, kids who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to be obese,’

Dorit Koren. MD University of Chicago.

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