Best Activity Table for 1 Year Old : 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Emma Davies
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You will find hundreds of activity tables on the market whether they be online or in a local shopping centre. They are all very similar but may have slight variations in colours, themes or what activities are included.

Activity tables are an excellent example of multi use toys which take up less space, if space is a premium in your home. They have many different activities in one place and they all pack up into the space the size of the table.

A few key points to consider when purchasing an Activity Table for one year old :

Cost: Toys can vary in price hugely, depending on where they are being purchased from and the brand of the toy. If you are going to make a significant financial investment in a toy, ensure that it will continue to grow with the child and not be thrown on a shelf when the child becomes too old to play with it in a few weeks time.

 Durability: Toys that stand the perils of being played with by little people all day are the best investment. Toys that are well made out of durable materials such as plastic (as a parent I am trying to limit the amount of plastic toys that we purchase in order to be more environmentally friendly), wooden toys are fantastic and the feel of a natural material for children is exciting.

Longevity: in my opinion the best toys you can buy are the ones that children continue to play with, well after the suggested age range has come and gone.

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table (Frustration Free Packaging), Green

This activity table is marketed as a musical table, giving you the idea that it would be all based around music and musical instruments and activities - well you would be correct, it is a cacophony of sound and colour.

It comes with a variety of buttons and lights, 70+ songs and tunes. It introduces huge amounts of learning from numbers, letters, shapes and colours, making it an excellent educational toy for babies.

This table encourages children to learn while exploring through songs and sounds, including classic children’s songs such as Old MacDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

This is advertised as comes with ‘frustration free packaging’ which for any parent is an absolute no brainer when purchasing such toys!

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Vtech Baby Play and Learn Activity Table

This play table is engaging for children from birth to toddlers. It introduces age appropriate curriculum in a fun way that children do not even realise they are learning.

Each different area provides the opportunity to learn and practice skills such as independent play, role play, fine and gross motor skills.

It introduces number and colour recognition, fun songs and   early phrases for children to learn. There are animals to learn and music notes.

With removable legs it offers children the opportunity to stand and play or for the younger ones to sit and enjoy this vibrant and educational toy.

This is a great example of a best buy educational toy as it has won the Practical Pre-School Silver Award in 2014.

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VTech Magic Star Learning Table

VTech Magic Star Learning Table (Frustration Free Packaging), Yellow

This table comes with a various array of learning experiences in both English and Spanish encouraging children on their quest for learning.

The table has a turning steering wheel to drive the bear around the activity table; an electronic book that plays nursery rhymes when you flip the pages; learn about colours and play music when you press the light up buttons and gears and a play phone with number buttons to call your animal friends

The legs of the play table can be removed to provide floor play for younger babies while they are still not fully standing or walking.

This table enhances children’s fine motor skills, dexterity, speech and cognitive skills.

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EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube, Wood Shape & Color Sorter, Bead Maze & Counting Baby Toy Wooden Activity Cube

An amazing twist on the traditional plastic activity table. This beautifully made wooden activity table for 1 year old provides hours of entertainment for children with its 6 sides of activities.

A geometric shape sorter, counting beads, sliding animals, spinning gears and a wire bead maze on the very top.

They encourage sensory stimulation and brain development. Along with grasping skills, logical thinking and number recognition.

A perfect size for those children still not standing but strong enough to support those that are cruising around, with its 6 sided shape making it more sturdy and less likely to topple over.

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Manhattan Toy Tree Top Activity Center

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center 22.50 x 18.00 x 18.00 Inches

This has to be one of my favourite examples of an activity table for one year old. A complete twist on the traditional shape and style. It’s colourful tree theme and sturdy wooden construction are a perfect addition to any playroom.

Children will have hours and hours of fun exploring this beautiful structure with its bead runs and gliders encouraging fine motor skills and logical thinking.

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