Ultimate Pregnancy Bucket List For New Moms; Things To Do During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Bucket List

WHY? You see, just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy a carefree, somewhat selfish life anymore. Take this time to enjoy YOU, and soak up any bit of quiet, relaxing, and indulgent time you can - because the clock is ticking.

Ultimate Pregnancy Bucket List : What to Do Before My Baby Arrives

Below are ___ things you’ll wish you did before the baby arrived. Note: this is not a helpful checklist you need to prepare yourself for the new bundle of joy – rather a list of all the important things you need to do for you.

  1. Be selfish – You’re pregnant, and with pregnancy comes the random hot flashes even in winter. Don’t be afraid to turn on that A/C or watch your favorite show marathon while eating the whole tub of ice cream.
  2. Pick out Baby’s going home outfit and prepare it – of course, your baby will look like a sweet bundle of joy in the hospital provided cap and plain kimono top, but he’ll look even more adorable coming home in a special outfit. Pick the softest, easy to put on outside you can find. Your baby will surely appreciate it.
  3. Sleep In – Take this beautiful opportunity to spend an entire 24 hour period to unwind and relax in bed. You may even daydream about the times you used to sleep in when the baby arrives. Sleep as long as you want.
  4. Make every beauty appointment you can – we’re not going to repeat the whole “you’ll never have time for this again!” speech but let’s be honest: Keep your beauty regimen running as long as you can, when you feel beautiful you look beautiful. As for that monthly bikini wax – you are most likely not going to want anyone in that area postpartum for a while.
  5. Install the car seat – Though this is not exactly what we may consider “fun” but take the time to do it now so that you are not struggling to work it out on the way home from the hospital with your new precious cargo.
  6. Say YES to a spontaneous plan – When your best friend offers you an extra concert ticket or a day at the spa takes it. Once you have a baby, you might not have the energy to for clearing up your schedule or a babysitter.
  7. Find the right pediatrician – IF you haven’t already found the right doctor for your little one, now is the time! Ask help from other moms in your area and book a prenatal consultation with your top choice – or two, or three. You will be seeing this person for years to come, and let’s be honest – maybe a few hundred calls with new mom questions late at night, so you will want to be comfortable with them.
  8. Go see a movie… in an actual theater – Go further and see a double feature if you want. Enjoy the fact that you aren’t paying for a babysitter on top of the high ticket costs plus the money you spent on popcorn and candy. Use this time to spend quality time with your loved one.
  9. Go to a bar – ok, so what if you can’t drink anymore? It will be a great time that you will be thankful you had a few more childless nights (of sober) club hopping, or it could be so terrible you will be glad those days are over.
  10. Have a cooking party to stock your freezer – Maybe you may not feel comfortable asking friends to start a meal chain for you, but look at it this way, invite your best friends over for a cooking-and-cocktails party. They can help you prepare and make double batches of your favorite freeze-friendly meals that you will be extremely thankful for when the sleep-all-day-up-all-night weeks come with your newborn. This will also be a great (uninterrupted) time to enjoy with your friends.
  11. Have plenty of sex – After pushing a human out of your body, you won’t even think about having sex, not to mention – your doctor probably won’t allow it for at least six to eight weeks post-birth. Sex is also known to be great stress reliever during pregnancy.
  12. Become a pro on how to use your baby carrier and stroller – Whether you’re in a rush to meet your baby’s doctor’s appointment or just want to take your baby out for a stroll, becoming a pro and learning how to properly use these types of equipment will not only save you time and hassle, but always ensuring your baby is safe and protected.
  13. Go on a date with your spouse - You might say you can still bring your baby to a decent restaurant, but there will be times you WISH you go to that swanky establishment without having to order the kids menu. So go on as many dates as you can, and head to those really un-kid-friendly spots. Go for a day long hike. Take this time to spend quality alone time with our partner before the baby is around.
  14. Pack your hospital bag – Make sure to pack the necessities you know you and your baby will need and that make you feel comfortable during labor. Add a few fun extras like a nursing bra, cozy socks, and slippers, and even your maternity pillow. Don’t forget to bring music to help you relax and sooth you while waiting for the baby to arrive.
  15. Wear all of your expensive Jewelry – when the baby comes, wear jewelry will become a “special occasion” as delicate necklaces and be ripped from your neck, as well as earrings and bracelets. Most times, jewelry may become a choking hazard. SO it might be better to tuck it away for a while when the baby arrives.
  16. Wear your designer bags – Most women are known to own more bags than they need. (Not really!) But soon you will be trading your most favorite designer bags into diaper bags – so get your fill of them now and enjoy them as much as you can.
  17. Spend a day completely alone – Take your “me time” to its full advantage. Spend a day at the spa, the mall, or even the mall to enjoy time with yourself.
  18. Leave the house at a moment’s notice – this is something you may forget you ever did before. Need more milk? Go to the store and get it. Want to shop for more things for baby? Head to the mall at a moment’s notice.
  19. Take as many long baths as you can – If you get out and your fingers aren’t pruned yet, get back in there and cherish that moment. Don’t forget to add some lavender or rose petals and indulge yourself with the sweet luxury of a long uninterrupted bath.
  20. Go out to dinner – Save the takeout for when the baby arrives. Have you and hubby go out as much as you can. Head to that restaurant you always wanted to go to but never had the chance.
  21. Spend an hour or three on your hair and makeup – Not because you need it, but because you can. Take your time to apply that extra coat or mascara or line your lipstick. Soon you will discover how to get ready in 5 minutes.
  22. Do a marathon – a movie marathon that is. Or catch up on your favorite TV series. Soon, you will be spending more time on baby learning videos than on your weekly shows.
  23. Get away for the weekend – whether it is with your spouse or your girlfriends. Take this time to enjoy that freedom before you start having kids. Head to the beach for a midnight bonfires, or go on a stay vacation with hubby – whatever you can do to get away, do it.
  24. Read a book – Take the uninterrupted time to get lost in a book, as this is a rare gift during parenthood. Whether it is a pregnancy guide, the newest book arrives, or an old favorite – take your time to read a book and enjoy it without any distractions.
  25. Lastly, ENJOY your pregnancy. Use this time to enjoy the blessings of your pregnancy. Remember to take good care of yourself. A happy mommy means a happy baby.

Use this pregnancy bucket list as a reminder to enjoy yourself even during the stages of your wonderful pregnancy. Sure there are some things you can’t do while you are pregnant, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and relaxing before the baby comes. If you are getting trouble to get pregnant , read the infertility Treatments here.

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