5 Best Baby Foam Play mats that you can trust

Emma Davies
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Once our little ones start on their journey to mobility and independence, we as parents realise how impractical our hard floors are.

They do not help children in any way in fact they very much hinder the process of crawling and walking due to their slippery surface and are not kind when the inevitable trips and falls occur.

So as good parents aiming to provide a safe and helpful environment for our little ones we look at the introduction of play mats or crawl mats. There are many on the market but all have the same basic principle - they are made from foam to cushion the falls and trips,they are usually brightly coloured to enhance children’s development and almost always have a theme either of alphabets or animals.

So before purchasing that nursery essential, here are a few things to consider:-

Cost - These vary in price but also in quality. You need to decide on your budget and stick to it.

Durability - Play mats have a tough life as children get older, they have to deal with teething babies who like to chew them and pick at them. Toddlers who will run over them with mucky shoes. If you plan on using them for a while, you may be best investing in a good one.

Space - Play mats come in two versions, the ones that are individual tiles that you connect together however you like or the single mat that is the size that you purchase. So if space is a premium in your home, then the individual tile version would be more beneficial.

Top Baby Play Mats in 2019 Reviewed

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam 36 Piece Playmat Set

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam 36 Piece ABC Playmat Set, Modern, 74x 74 (36 Sq Feet)

This set covers 36 square feet, with each tile measuring 12”.
These are soft, safe and durable. Perfect for when your little one starts crawling, sitting and rolling around.
Each square had a letter from the alphabet or numbers 0-9, aiding letter and number recognition as children grow.

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Baby Folding Play mat.

Gupamiga Baby Folding mat Play mat Extra Large Foam playmat Crawl mat Reversible Waterproof Portable Double Sides Kids Baby Toddler Outdoor or Indoor Use Non Toxic, Colorful(57x76x0.4in)

The huge advantage of this play mat is that it can be easily folded up and transported. Making it an ideal addition to any parents essential equipment list..

This play mat is extra large and waterproof, making it ideal for use outdoors. Really easy to clean, no matter whether its food residue, milk or even those toilet training accidents. They simply wipe away with a damp cloth.

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Baby Foam Play mat with Fence

Ashtonbee - Interlocking Floor Mats for Babies, Tummy Time Mat and Baby Play Area (36)

This play mat is made up of 36 interlocking tiles, creating a 6ft x 6ft area. The added bonus with this set of mats is that they come complete with a fence. The fence is 7” high and stops those toys from getting away. The fence can also be laid flat, giving an even bigger surface area.

The bright coloured tiles and patterns engage children’s imagination and cognitive abilities, while the numbers and letters help with recognition.

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Baby Play Mat

Baby Play Mat

This extra large baby play mat is perfect as the best baby crawling mat, as it gives them plenty of space to explore while still being comfortable on delicate hands and knees.

It covers an area of 79” x 71”and has a non slip design.

Its soft surface will provide a safe landing for those bumps and falls that little ones have while learning to crawl, roll and walk. It’s also waterproof, so no need to worry about any spills as they can easily be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

This play mat would provide the perfect addition to a child's bedroom, living room or toy room.

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Hape Foldable Play Mat

This is another version of the folding mat, it also comes with it’s own carry case for easy transportation.

This foam mat is perfect for any stage of your babies life, whether it be just learning to roll over, sitting unaided or crawling.

The mat design would also be suitable for a toddler as they could run their little cars up and down the road design or play zoo on the reverse side.

It provides great opportunities to enhance your child’s development right through from tummy time to imaginative play.

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