Top 5 Baby Toys for Girls in 2020

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

Toys for babies are a vast minefield of the do's and don’ts that change with each new trend that pops up, and you could just keep buying and buying.

Baby toys are unisex, they may come in pink or blue but they are not marketed to a certain sex. This can and should be the case for all toys regardless of their colour or traditional gender association.

There is always that must have toy that every new parent must have, but really the best toy that they can have is you!

If, however, you do want to provide extra play and learning opportunities for your little ones then shop wisely and keep the following things in mind-

Stage of development: Toys have to be suitable for both the age of the child and the stage of play and development. It’s no good buying a toy meant for a three year old but the intended recipient is only 6 weeks.

Cost: Toys can vary in price hugely, depending on where they are being purchased from and the brand of the toy. If you are going to make a significant financial investment in a toy, ensure that it will continue to grow with the child and not be thrown on a shelf when the child becomes too old to play with it in a few weeks time.

Longevity: in my opinion the best toys you can buy are the ones that children continue to play with, well after the suggested age range has come and gone.

Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy, Ages 3 months +

Musical Development - Listening to classical music has been advised and recommended by many an expert over the past 20 years as a way to help develop a babies brain. Music also makes them happy.

This toy is perfectly sized for the hands of little ones, helping them to develop their motor skills and dexterity.

It comes with 7 melodies that baby can switch between. It also comes with a volume control to save mom and dad’s hearing.

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Manhattan Toy Winkl Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy, Blue/Green/Orange, 5 Inch x 4 Inch x 3.5 Inch

For sensory development this is one of the best toys on the market. The soft continuous tubes are perfect for a teething baby.

While its design encourages and promotes two handed play, the central cube has a little rattle that will engage and attract babies.

This toy has won multiple awards including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award, making this one of the best educational toys for babies.

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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

This brightly coloured and textured teething set is perfect for assisting in the teething process. Due to its multi surface it is best for the eruption of all teeth.

It can also be placed in the refrigerator, providing a gentle cooling and soothing on baby’s gums.

The key design provides easy grip for little hands, helping in the development of coordination and grasping.

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Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

This toy is perfect for on the move entertainment for your little ones.

The centerpiece spinners encourage the development of visual tracking and also strengthens fine motor skills.

The spinning wheel encourages your little one to practice their reaching and tugging skills. By doing this they are then developing their hand-eye coordination.

There is a suction cup on the base to attach to highchair, table or any solid surface, so baby can play without the frustration of it falling to the floor.

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The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

The First Years Stack & Count Stacking Cups - Colorful Baby Stacking Toys Set - Stackable Cups for Learning - Baby Bath Toys - Toddler Easter Basket Stuffers - 8 Count

This traditional toy has stood the test of time and is still much loved by babies and toddlers alike.

All Children love to stack them up and watch as they fall down, or even better turn them over and hide things underneath them.

These also come with numbers on the bottom so children can practice counting and number recognition as they grow and develop.

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