Best dolls for your 5 to 8-year-old Girls

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

The years of childhood between 5 and 8 are what you could call an awakening. For the first time, children are making relationships outside of their family circle and discovering their own individuality.

The role play that they undertake in these formative years will play an essential role in the development of healthy relationships in the future.

At this age, children want reality so the soft body dolls from their toddler years are just not going to hit the mark. Children of this age are flooded with technology and interactive toys and dolls are no different.

Here are some of the best dolls for 5-8 year olds on the market

Adora Toddler Doll 20”

ADORA Realistic Baby Doll The Cat's Meow Toddler Doll - 20 inch, Soft CuddleMe Vinyl, Light Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Each of these handmade dolls has its own individual personality and style. They are made in a lightly baby powder scented, soft-touch vinyl. The bean bag weighted body is what gives this doll its realistic lifelike feel.

The pros of this doll are that it is weighted, realistic and comes with realistic accessories. The only con would be that it has no interactive responses.

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Baby Alive Real as can be.

Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby: Realistic Blonde Baby Doll, 80+ Lifelike Expressions, Movements & Real Baby Sounds, With Doll Accessories, Toy for Girls and Boys 3 and Up
This doll comes with 80 plus realistic movements, expressions and baby sounds. This doll will respond to your child’s voice and touch. Children will love taking care of their own lifelike baby.

Kids can tickle Baby alive and she will wiggle and giggle, talk to her and she will turn towards you.

The pros of this doll are of course it's 80 plus realistic responses, interactive accessories and its good for learning cause and effect. The only con is that it requires an awful lot of batteries.

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Corolle Mon Grand Poupon

Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Ambre Toy Baby Doll
This 14” soft-bodied doll comes with long easy to style hair. It introduces hairstyling play, children can dream up and try out their very first hairstyles using the dolls’ special hairbrush.

At 14” Corolle is the perfect size for little arms, perfect for a cuddle, mothering or role-playing what grown-ups do when caring for a baby.

It’s arms, face and legs are made of delicately vanilla-scented soft-touch vinyl. She can keep her thumb in her mouth, she falls asleep when put down on her back.

The pros of this doll are its realistic features, the older age of the doll and the vanilla-scented skin. The one con is that it is expensive for a non-interactive doll.

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Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll

Paradise Galleries® Realistic Reborn Girl Doll with Bassinet Collectibles, Original Paradise Galaries' Doll Collections, Birthday Gift Present with 9-Piece Doll Accessories - Finn & Sparky
This adorable realistic baby doll comes with big brown eyes and silky soft hair. He comes complete with a 9 piece ensemble including a fleece sleeper, booties, puppy hat, plush friend sparky, diaper, bottle, bib, and large baby carrier.

This beautiful doll is handcrafted from soft vinyl for a finish that is as soft as a baby's bum. His limbs allow him to be posed in many different ways.

The pros of this doll are it’s realistic, reborn style doll, it’s ultra soft-touch vinyl hands, feet, and face. It also comes with a full baby outfit and accessories. The con is that it is more expensive than a traditional baby doll.

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