Play Kitchen Accessories; 14 Items to Maximize the Fun!

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Got your kid their dream kitchen and now you’re just trying to add some nice accessories to it?

You thought getting a kitchen for kids is a good idea and after you’ve spent some time learning about the best options you can find on the market; you now want to know which are some of the best play kitchen accessories.

If you haven’t gotten a kitchen set yet, then I might suggest you looking out for big kitchen set toys, in case you think your child might be very into it and dedicate it a good part of his time. Getting a big set from the very beginning can spare you from looking out for accessories quite soon.

Which are some must have play kitchen accessories?

  • Various foods baskets (fruits, vegetables, eggs and dairy, pastry products, butter, milk cartons)

    These give your child a realistic experience as he can find in his play kitchen some of the same ingredients and foods that can be found in your family’s kitchen. Try to get their favorite foods, they will enjoy having them in a toy form. Some of the vegetables and fruits come in wooden form, with the possibility of being cut into pieces and then put back together as they have little magnets placed in the middle. I personally recommend those because they are like little puzzles and helps the kid to use their problem-solving skills.

  • Kitchen appliances

    As I’ve previously stated, they will enjoy having similar things to what they can see in the family’s kitchen. We opted for a toaster, a blender and an espresso machine. Try and look for sets, usually toasters come with slices of bread, honey pots and some butter, blenders come with ingredients for smoothies (milk and pieces of fruit) and espresso machine comes with little coffee cups, milk cartons and sugar cubes. If your kitchen doesn’t include one, you can also buy a separate refrigerator toy. There are also separate microwave ovens if your toy kitchen doesn’t have one included. Another nice sets to have are the breakfast ones, they usually come with a tray, some bread, butter, eggs, some cheese, croissants, a little jar of jam or honey, a teacup with a tea bag, and some fruit. Pick something that best suits your child’s breakfast preferences.

  • Best play kitchen food

    The healthier the choices, the better. Playing with a toy kitchen should improve children’s relationship with food and encourage healthy food choices. My advice is to buy as many vegetables and fruits as possible and inspire them to see vegetables and fruits as more approachable foods. I find it really inspiring to see them cooking vegetables in their play kitchen and then asking me to cook a similar dish. Encourage them to try as many as possible and try to provide their kitchen set with a variety of foods so it’ll increase their availability.

  • Kitchen play pots, pans, bowls, glasses, plates and cutlery

5 Kitchen play pots & cutlery sets

I particularly like this set as it has many pots and cooking accessories and kitchen appliances, that can be used for various scenarios of pretend play. The colors are neutral, so I find it easy to add to almost any kitchen toy.

QDH Kids Kitchen Pretend Play Toys Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set Play Food Set Accessories Cooking Utensils Set Apron Play Kitchen Toys for Girls Boys Toddlers (White) (White)

This stainless-steel set is very realistic and durable, and my favorite part, easy to clean. I like that the set also has some foods, a shopping basket and an oven glove.

IQ Toys 50 Piece Complete Pretend Play Food and Kitchen Set, Complete with Supermarket Shopping Basket, Toy Cooking Pots, Pans, and Utensils, Kitchen Play Food and Accessories

I recommend this one if your kid loves pink, it’s made of stainless steel, but it’s a girly version of it. Works best with a pink or white kitchen set.

Liberty Imports Kids Play Kitchen Toys Pretend Cooking Pink Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Metal Kitchen Set with Utensils (11 Pieces)

This set guarantees a good quality of the products, durable design and material and easy to clean. Suitable for toddlers and older children as well and looking realistic.

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set for Kids (8 pcs) - Kids Kitchen Accessories Set, Toy Pots And Pans For Kids Kitchen, Cooking Toys For Kids Ages 3+

A great set that also contains plates, cutlery accessories, cups and bowls. Everything is easy to clean, and it will engage your child into learning how to set the table.

Practicing setting up the table with these will only help them get ready to set up the real table in the future. They can learn how to arrange the plates and the cutlery and how to organize them in the kitchen cabinets. You can learn them which serves to what and also exemplify in the family’s kitchen. Along with these you can also add a small sponge so they can pretend to wash them after using them and a small kitchen towel. You don’t even need to buy toy ones; you can use smaller versions of real ones.

Battat - Deluxe Kitchen - Pretend Play Accessory Toy Set (71 Pieces Including Pots & Pans)
  • Wooden dishes

    The wooden pizza sets where you can stick the toppings as you wish is a great success, it usually comes in set together with a pizza slicer, a pizza box and a pizza tray, that way they can play several games with it (baking pizza, delivering it, eating it or simply serving it).

    The toy cakes and muffins are also very popular because all kids love sweets. I personally prefer the wooden cakes, the ones you can slice and put magnetic candles on top, they can pretend it’s their birthday every day.

3 Wooden Kitchen Toy Set

This can be their very own pizza set, they can put their favorite toppings on it, bake it, slice it, serve everyone and then play again. Very good quality of the materials and looks real.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Play Food Set With 36 Toppings - Pretend Food, Play Wooden Pizza And Pizza Cutter, Pizza Toy For Kids Ages 3+

A lovely wooden cutlery set for your kid, that will help him enjoy play pretend kitchen even more. Thanks to its material it is resistant and suitable for toddlers, as well, I would recommend it.

small foot wooden toys- Premium 15 Piece Kitchen Playset- Cooking and Dining Set Includes Pots, Plates and Utensils- Ideal for Toddlers 2+, Multi, (11098)

A very nice set of wooden fruits and vegetables that can be cut and then be put back together, through a system with magnets. The big box where you can nicely store them all is a plus, it helps you better organize the play corner.

Dinhon Play Wooden Food Cooking Toy, Cutting Fruit Vegetables Pretend Play Kitchen Set Magnetic Wood Early Educational Development, Learning Gift for 3, 4, 5, 6 Year Old Kids Toddlers Boys & Girls
  • Apron, oven glove and chef hat

    If they enjoy kitchen play, they most likely would appreciate having these nice accessories as well. There are plenty of options on the market for you to choose, you can also do it at home. For more durable versions, I suggest you use cloth for them. But if you’re in a hurry you can also make a paper hat chef, it’s very easy to make and the kids will love it. It can also be a fun activity to do together.

2 Cooking Kits for Children

Make baking with your child an even more magnificent experience by getting him some accessories made for his little hands. This baking set has everything that he needs to help you bake and decorate cookies and cakes and it comes with a cute apron so he wouldn’t stain his clothes, just like a real pastry chef.

TOVLA JR. Kids Baking Gift Set with Storage Case - Cooking Kit for Children - Educational Baking Sets - Real Kid Baking Supplies with Decorating Tools Set with Apron… (Unicorn)

Great for pretend play kitchen, the oven glove along with the apron and the chef hat will turn your kid into a chef. You can also find this set in blue and white.

  • Tea set

    It’s a classic game, serving tea to their toys and dolls. Having a nice teapot and some cute teacups is a must in the play kitchen. I personally prefer the metal or wooden sets, as they are more lasting.

4 Toy Tea Sets

A very cute looking tea set that will spark your child’s creativity, it is a 4-player set, great for play dates.

Cheffun Tea Party Set for Little Girls - Kids Pretend Play Kitchen Toys Sweet Princess Tea Cup Plastic Toys Play Food with Teapot Tray Cake Gift for Age 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Toddler Child Girl Boys

Your kid loves play sets so much that she wants to take them when going on trips or vacations? No problem, this set is easy to pack, store and take with you anywhere. When they don’t need to pack the set, the case can be used as a bag to store other things. I don’t even have to mention the cute design, lovely unicorns.

JOYIN 15 Pcs Unicorn Tea Set for Little Girls, Princess Tea Party Play Toy, Including Teapot, Cups, Small Plates, Big Plate & Carrying Case, Fun Kitchen Pretend Play for Girls, Kids Toys Gifts

Let’s have a tea party! This set has it all put together for a wonderful picnic where you can have a tea party and it comes with a box where you can store it all. I think it makes a great gift for children who like to play pretend kitchen.

Toys Tea Set 52 Pieces Party Play Food for Kids,Princess Tea Time Toy Set Including Dessert,Cookies,Tea Party Accessories Toy for Toddlers,Boys Girls

Is your kid a huge animal lover? Mine, too. This set has adorable animal pictures all over it and bright colors that make it look attractive for the little ones.

Lucy Locket 'Woodland Animals' Metal Tea Set & Carry Case Toy (14 Piece Tea Set for Children) Red, Blue, Green Tea Set Toy

Hope I have been of help to you and I’m confident that you’ll choose the best options for your kid. Always keep in mind their interests and preferences, this will make them more interested in the play.


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