Best Ride on Toys 2 Year Olds need for Movement Development

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2 year olds can be a lot to handle. They rotate between being the sweetest little cuddlers, to terrors on two legs drawing on the wall with permanent marker. It’s an exhausting job keeping up with their shifting emotions, and their many many mood swings. And if your two year old is anything like mine, he is constantly in fast forward motion. Sometimes it feels like the only time he’s calm is when he’s sleeping

Toddlers, in general, have sensory needs that require attention daily.  The vestibular system is one of those senses that is crucial for our little ones to satisfy.

The vestibular system, since it’s located in the inner ear, has to do with movement and balance. It’s function is to create spatial awareness for the purpose of coordinating movement. 

When toddlers are organized in their movement things like climbing, spinning, swinging, and jumping all come with relative ease. 

My son loves to jump on anything – beds, couches, us, you name it. He’s seeking to regulate his body, and basically satisfy a craving. When the vestibular needs are met, other senses work together harmoniously. Sensory Processing Disorders occur when the child has trouble receiving sensorial cues from the brain.

One great way to meet your 2-year old’s sensory requirements is through ride on toys and balance bikes. Ride on toys will help those cravings for movement, and they can control how fast they want to go. Balance bikes directly work with the vestibular organs in the ear to help with sensory processing, and in the process burn off all that extra energy 2 year olds seem to have endless supplies of.

Best Ride on Toys for Toddlers


I absolutely love the PlasmaCar, and so does my soon to be 3 year old. He loves it because it’s easy to control, comfortable, low to ground, and smooth riding. 

This little car works kids’ hand eye coordination through the steering wheel. Making it the perfect bike for those on the older side of 2. The more the motor skills are developed, the more confident they will be to go faster, all while giving them the ride of their life.

My mother gifted The Pewi to my daughter when she turned 2 and for the first week she didn’t walk at all. She zoomed around on her Pewi, and loved the mobility it gave her. She even loved to sit on it like a chair – rocked herself while reading a book or watching TV. 

This bike grows with your little one – it starts out as a walker and as your little one develops the Pewi can become a bike as she starts to learn how to walk. A great bike to help support and develop those very important motor and cognitive functions!

The classic red bike in pint-size proportions. This bike is a great choice for those who are just learning to walk and pull themselves up. 

Like many of the Radio Flyer products, they are built to take a beating – so expect to have this one for a while.

Hape is known for making modern looking, excellent quality, natural toys. And this green contrasted wooden bike is so cute, any toddler will immediately want to hop on it.

It’s perfect for those just getting acquainted with their mobility – so infants and toddlers just beginning to stand – great bike to keep indoors. The wheels are rubberized, so they won’t scuff up your floors.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are wonderful for your children’s fine motor skills, but it’s also an excellent bike to build strength and balance to transition into a pedal bike. Prince Lionheart’s balance bike is crafted from top quality birth wood, and likely to last many many years.

Soon your toddler will be cruising at top speed and having you out of breath, chasing him.

Balance bikes don’t come cheap, but the Banana Bike is a better value than some of the others on the market.

The makers say the signature banana frame make this bike the ideal shape for toddlers just starting out on the bike, because the seat is lower to the ground.

Kids can lift this lightweight bike on their own, so they are given a sense of responsibility.

The king of balance bikes. Strider has been to go-to bike for parents for many years. And good reason too! The bike is super well made, with foam tires that never pop. This is on the expensive side, but this bike is built to last. It’s a great investment if you have multiple children and can use it with each child.


This is easily the coolest wagon you will ever own. I absolutely love this product. It folds up nice and efficiently so you can literally take this anywhere – hiking, outdoor concerts, picnics, farmer’s markets, you name it, this is the perfect companion.

Beside pulling your kids around, you can convert it to a bench, or a traditional wagon to haul all the stuff we carry around when we go out of the house with kids!


When my son just turned 2, we got him and his older sister each one of these scooters. We figured that once he was a little older he would be able to use it. Well, boy did he surprised us. Every time he got on this scooter, he went a little faster. His confidence grew leaps and bounds, and so did his agility and balance. It wasn’t long until he was doing tricks and scaring us to bits.


 Let’s face it. Since we had kids, we just accumulated stuff. So, we really need to be discerning when it comes to the things we buy. The Razor scooter folds up so nice and compact, that this might be a no-brainer for parents tight on space. Razor is also a well-known brand, so you know the quality is there. 


 Definitely not a cheap ride on toy, but it’s certainly one of the most fun. My kids love riding their cute little panda from room to room. The ride is smooth, the turns are seamless, and they absolutely love the hidey compartment in seat. It’s deep and can hold many items. If ever the TV remote is missing, this is one the first places I look!

Coming in two sizes, small and large, kids of varying sizes can enjoy this absolutely adorable ride on. It’s extremely well made, so it’s going to hold up while your kids bump and crash it. It comes in seven different animals including a hedgehog, pig, bee, cow, and other very attractive animals.

I just love toys that have a multi-purpose. Trunki is one of those that will save you in the dreaded airport waits. This also doubles as a carry-on, so you can pack the things they need on flights. Kids can ride through the airport, play in the waiting area while getting out their energy, and hopefully once you board the flight – they will sleep!



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