Best Tech Gift for kids that an 11 Year old would adore

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

When you think of best tech gifts for an 11 year old boy, you more than likely think of the latest mobile phone or games console. However, with a little thinking outside the box, there are some great alternatives to the traditional tech for this age group.

When looking at these tech gifts, there are a few things that you need to consider:-

  • Cost - You need to consider the initial cost of the tech of course but you also need to consider if there are ongoing costs and if so what are they.
  • Age appropriateness - Eleven year old boys may consider themselves teenagers however they are not quite there. So when picking gifts you need to ensure that there are no mature themes included.

“Cool factor” - All tweens have an opinion on what is cool and what is most definitely not cool. Maybe browsing social media will help you to define what is cool, as you want your special 11 year old to love his gift.

  • Tech will save us Gamer

This tech will encourage children to use their imagination to create their own handheld games console.

This nifty bit of kit introduces the world of coding by using the free online coding platform. They first learn to hack and code classic games before embarking on their own game.

Children’s problem solving and creativity skills are extended further as it can be used as a multi player to play with friends.

  • Haynes Build Your own Combustion Engine.

Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine

One of the best construction set toys for this age group. Comes with over 100 pieces, your budding engineer can build a fully working combustion engine with moving parts, sounds and illumination.

This set also comes complete with all the tools needed to complete your project along with a Haynes manual with step by step instructions to see you complete this with ease.

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  • Holy Stone Drone with camera and live video feed.

Holy Stone Drone with Camera for Adults Kids - FPV Drones with 720P HD 120° FOV Camera RC Quadcopter Remote Control Helicopter with Altitude Hold, Headless Mode and 3D Flips

This is the perfect tech gift for any budding drone operator or budding new age photographer.

This comes complete with a wide angle camera, low battery power alarm so you never get caught while out on your latest adventure.

This Drone is capable of 3D flips giving you really interesting flying experiences and also amazing photographs.

This is ideal for a beginner as you can photograph as you fly all from your smartphone. The altitude can be locked in so you can concentrate on practicing your great flying skills and more difficult flips.

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  • KiiPix Portable Photo Printer for iphone or Android.

KiiPix Portable Portable Printer & Photo Scanner Compatible with FUJIFILM Instax Mini Film, Blue

This smartphone printer is portable and makes printing on the go easy.

It prints photos directly from your iphone or Android with the click of a button. You can still pick which pictures to print so as not to waste it on blurry out of focus or cropped pictures.

It has some cool features that can only make your photographs better, you can enhance the contrast, add your favourite emoticons or even text and correct that red eye.

All this at a fraction of the cost of printing these photos elsewhere.

This product does not come with the photo paper required so that would be extra but this is a good price for something that I think would be well used.

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  • Meccano-Erector Meccanoid G15

Meccano-Erector Meccanoid G15

In my opinion this has to be one of the best tech gifts for an 11 year old boy.

The 2016 award winning innovative toy of the year with voice recognition and over 1000 phrases, you can make this robot your best friend and not just a science project.

It’s easy, download the free app for either iOS or Android, then you simply build, program and play with this fully operational robot.

This 2 foot tall robot is powered by 6 motors and so creates a realistic range of movement, along with it’s ragdoll avatar feature allowing you to make it twist, turn and or move anyway you wish from your smart device (not included).

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