Water Table for 1 Year Olds

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If your little one just managed to stand up on their own and enjoys water and sun, then you can finally stop searching for the ideal outdoor toy. Water tables are the perfect fit for you and your toddler. Besides being super fun, they are also educational, and can help your little one develop in many ways.

Benefits of the water table for 1 year olds

If there is no beach near you, water tables for one year olds will come just as good, and it will hold their attention for a long period of time.

1 year olds tend to act like little sponges, they just soak everything in, whatever they see we're doing, saying, etc., and they learn something new every single day. That's when water tables come pretty useful. We want to make sure our 1 year olds can still have lots of fun, but at the same time learn and develop new skills.

Water tables are pretty useful to a child’s development in various ways, especially in those early stages of life, like developing fine motor and cognitive skills, building social and communication skills while at the same time enhancing creativity and imagination.

Most water tables for kids come with a sand and water compartment, where kids can lift buckets, fill them, play with them which builds strength and endurance, while at the same time developing coordination and movements.

Since most of our toddlers will spend every day outside playing with those water tables, they will learn new skills and strengthen nervous system pathways with all those repetitive actions.

Water tables for one year olds are an affordable option that guarantees to provide fun and entertainment for hours a day and every day. You can sit and enjoy playing with your one year old playing with water and sand and see benefits of it such as very important sensory experience that helps kids learn about the world around them and development of gross motor skills.

Since there are various options on water tables on the market, there are some like rain shower water table, which is good for intellectual development, as it provides STEM play and teaches your one year old the cause and effect of certain actions.

The best water tables for 1 year olds

Here is a list of few best water tables to keep your 1 year olds happy for the whole summer:

6 best water tables for 1 year olds

1. Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Rainfall effect, strainers, buckets, cups, toys, maze spinners and ramps – this water table contains it all. Spacious enough for multiple kids to play, and five star rating, it deserves to be on top of the list. There is a drain plug on the bottom, which will make the cleaning process very simple and easy.
Age: 1 – 8 years.

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

2. HANMUN Water Sand Table for Toddlers

With this one, your toddler can enjoy indoor or outdoor play. Considering how cheap it is, it will still provide enough fun with water or sand and with an attachable water tower, your little one can enjoy awesome waterfalls. With its dimensions it can fit your yard and your living room too, and your toddler can play with 17 accessories and toys included.
Age: 6 months and up.

HANMUN Water Sand Table for Toddlers

3. Step2 Tropical Rainforest Water Table

This tropical themed water table will keep your toddler and his friends entertained for hours. Aside from the colorful design, all 13 accessories are tropical themed too, like tropical fish or frogs. The water base can hold up to almost 19l of water, and with the drain plug on the bottom, cleaning and draining are much easier.
Age: 1 – 10 years.

Step2 Tropical Rainforest Water Table

4. Sand Water Tables for Toddlers

Made for multiple kids to play, this water table with it's attractive pirate ship design will keep them occupied for hours. It comes with an awesome built catapult toy and 20 more accessories, to make sure the fun will never end.
Age: 1 year and up.

Sand Water Tables for Toddlers


This is another water and sand table that is also suitable for indoors and outdoors. It is easy to assemble, and it's not too heavy if you want to move it around. Let's not forget that it comes with colorful accessories your toddler will enjoy, like shovels, rake, pirate ship, and much more.
Age: 1 year and up.

6. American Plastic Toys Fish Pond Sand and Water Play Table

Your toddler will have some splashy fun with this colorful and exciting water table. You can fill one side with water and other side with the sand and let your little one enjoy this table, with all the fun it provides. It is easy to assemble and comes with toys and accessories like fish, frogs, balls, etc.
Age: 1 – 12 years.

American Plastic Toys Fish Pond Sand and Water Play Table

IN conclusion, when we're talking about 1 year olds, toys and education, water tables are perfect for them. Your toddler will be spending  time outside in the fresh air, enjoying all the benefits that water tables provide , but at the same time learn, grow and develop new skills.

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