Best Building Toys for 5 year olds

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

Construction toys are credited with developing many areas of a child’s brain, from language
to spacial awareness. These toys capture children’s imagination and provide them with
ample opportunities to access open ended play. Building toys for 5 year olds are a perfect
addition to the toy box.

The best thing about construction toys is that they bring out the big kid in all adults. I
challenge you to show me the Dad, Grandad, Mum, Auntie or Uncle who doesn't want to get
down on the floor and join in a tower building contest with their special little one. This in itself
provides one of the best experiences for children and as the Center on the Developing Child
at Harvard University states that experiences in the earliest years of life form the
foundation of brain architecture.

When you are looking for those perfect construction toys, this is what to look out for:-

Material - Try to choose materials that will stand the test of time, 5 year olds are not
renowned for being the most gentle of age groups. Wood or metal are a good option.

 Longevity - These toys need to last more than one outing, they need to grow with
the child and to be able to continually stretch children’s imagination and creativity.

These are some of the best that I have found

GiGi Bloks

These are giant building blocks made of cardboard, they do require some assembly. These are the perfect building toys for 5 year olds.

This set comes with 100 flat packed blocks. They are the ultimate in open ended play, giving children scope for their imaginations to run wild. Let them build forts, dragons, castles, robots or ships.These blocks can be painted, drawn on, put stickers on them, in fact personalise them any way you wish.

The reason that children simple love these blocks is nothing to do with the material, purpose or the open ended play opportunities. They love them because they have no boundaries and the only other place that has no boundaries is a child’s imagination. It is one of the most colourful, amazing, vibrant and spectacular places in the world!

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Meccano - Erector Junior

Meccano-Erector Junior 150 Piece Bucket

This construction set toy comes with 150 junior pieces designed to inspire young minds and creativity. These sets also introduce elements of real engineering, it comes with real tools and instructions for 10 different projects, these help to develop early logic and hand to eye coordination.

Children can build a truck, motorcycle, speed boat, robot and helicopter or anything else that they can imagine.This Meccano bucket gives children the opportunities to bring their dreams to life with this real-world engineering set, they can create masterpieces and the most important thing is, they can have fun while doing it! This set is only the beginning!!

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Geomag Space Glow in The Dark Set

This set contains 76 pieces of varying size and shape frommetal spheres, magnetic rods, square panels and tubes.This building toy for children is an extension of the classic geomag set by exploring both the magnetic and the mechanic forces.

By determining the two magnetic poles (north and south) children can construct many different models in varying shapes and sizes. This set lets them explore magnetic forces and repulsion.

The development of logical reasoning is at the forefront of this construction toy, along with the      opportunity to improve hand eye coordination, reasoning skills and curiosity. This is an activity that the whole family can get involved in, providing those experiences that are so key.

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K’NEX 18025 imagine

K’NEX Imagine: Click & Construct Value Set – 522 Pieces, 35 Models, STEM Learning Creative Construction Model for Ages 7+, Interlocking Building Toy for Boys & Girls, Adults

This set comes with 522 classic and micro k’nex parts that click together, empowering children to create anything that they can imagine. The instruction booklet included shows the user how to build 35 different unique models step by step.

This educational toy provides hours of fun while helping children to understand key principles of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) subjects. It also promotes the development of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem solving skills. This set is simply the beginning of your child’s K’nex journey, the possibilities are endless.

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