Top 6 Concrete Operational Stage Toys

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

Concrete operational stage toys are based on the work of Jean Piaget and his theory of child development having set stages. According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, the concrete operational stage is where children characteristically begin to develop logical thought and the understanding of conservation,( this is the understanding that something stays the same in quantity even though it appearance changes) and spans the age of 7-11 years old. This means that children can engage in play that has rules and classification.

So with this in mind what toys are going to be the best for helping this stage of development?

  • Toys that have step by step instructions for children to follow.
  • Games that require logical thinking
  • Toys that help children think about classification, volume and area.
  • Games that require strategy to win and the ability to work things out in your mind.

Here is the list of top Concrete Operational stage toys

  • GlobalDream Folding Wooden Mancala Board game.

A beautifully crafted wooden board game and 72 coloured glass balls.

Mancala is an ancient game originating in Africa. It requires strategy and logical thinking in order for you to collect more glass balls than your opponent.

The winner is the person at the end with the most balls.

  • AnanBros Play Sand, Magic Space Sand

This sand is amazing, sticks to itself and not you. Easily cleaned away and provides endless hours of fun for children of all ages and stages.

This set comes complete with sand, tools and moulds to make breathtaking creations.

A good example of concrete operational stage toys as it encourages children to think logically about their design and to be aware that the sand has volume and area.

This set can be added to, so extending the life of this toy.

  • Jumbo Foam Building Construction Blocks for Kids

131 pieces of soft foam construction shapes. Build a tower, castle, car or dragon. The possibilities are endless and only the child’s imagination can hold them back.

Developing the child’s logical thought process as they build magnificent designs.

  • Geomag 721 Mechanics Building Set

This set contains 164 pieces of varying size and shape from metal spheres, magnetic rods, square panels and tubes.

This building toy for children is an extension of the classic geomag set by exploring both the magnetic and the mechanic forces.

By determining the two magnetic poles (north and south) children can construct many different models in varying shapes and sizes. This set lets them explore magnetic forces and repulsion.

The development of logical reasoning is at the forefront of this construction toy, along with the opportunity to improve hand eye coordination, reasoning skills and curiosity. This is an activity that the whole family can get involved in, providing those experiences that are so key.

  • Hasbro Connect 4

Connect 4 is a game of strategy. The aim is to get 4 of your coloured disks in a row while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

A great concrete operational stage toy as it teaches rules and logical thinking.

  • Draughts Board Game

This beautiful set comes complete with a 12 inch board and draught pieces in black and white.

This is a strategy game, where the goal is to move across the board and taking your opponents pieces as you go.

Logical thinking is what this game requires and involves a set of rules that must be followed. Therefore lending itself to the concrete operational stage of development well.

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