Best four Flashing Light Toys for Babies

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

When you first bring home your precious bundles, toys are not one of the things on the top of your shopping list of must haves. Clothes, car seat, pram, cot and bottles are much more of your priority.

To be honest your newborn is limited as to what they can see as their vision is not great early on, so their toys are usually simple things like comforters or cuddly toys.

But, as their vision improves you will need to consider the best toys to buy in order to enhance their development and learning experiences. This is where you begin to look at some of the best educational toys for babies. Toys that you can hang in front of their face, that make a noise or flash are all a good place to start.

One thing to remember is to stock up on those batteries!!

Top 3 Flashing Light Toys for Babies

  • Vtech Baby Play and Learn Activity Table

6 months- 3 years

VTech Magic Star Learning Table

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A toy that is engaging for children from birth to toddlers. It introduces age appropriate curriculum in a fun way that children don’t realize they are learning.

Each different area provides the opportunity to learn and practice skills such as independent play, role play, fine and gross motor skills. It introduces number and colour recognition, fun songs and  early phrases for children to learn. There are animals to learn and music notes.

With removable legs it offers children the opportunity to stand and play or for the younger ones to sit and enjoy this vibrant and educational toy.

This is a great example of a best buy educational toy from the brand "Vtech" that has won the Practical Pre-School Silver Award in 2014.

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  • Bright Starts Lights and Sounds Funpad

Bright Starts Lights & Sounds FunPad Musical Toy - Introduce Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Ages 3 Months +

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Babies first funpad will introduce numbers, alphabet, shapes, colours and lots more. It’s user friendly and perfect for little hands with large soft buttons on its fabric screen, make it perfect for those little fingers to manipulate.

Five colourful lights and fun melodies can be activated by pushing the blue button. Making it a great age appropriate toy.

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  • Fisher Price Groove and Glow BeatBo

Fisher-Price Groove & Glow BeatBo,6 months and up

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This soft and cuddly Beatbo is perfect for babies as it can be used for cuddling or playing. Press his tummy to activate his upbeat music, fun sing-along songs and lights, or simple cuddle up to him with his soft head, antenna, arms and feet. Making him the perfect bedtime pal.

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  • Taf Toys 4 in 1 Musical Boat Crib Toy

This toy is excellent value for money as it will grow with your child, entertaining them from newborn to infant.

Right from birth this toy will entertain and soothe your little one, as it  plays soothing music and projects gentle star shapes.

As baby grows, the little boat can be removed from the platform for free play, as your baby pushes it along the floor, the moving owl and gentle music encourages them to move after it.

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