How to Encourage Creativity in a Child ; 6 Useful Tips

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

Allow your child to freely express themselves whenever possible.Take every opportunity to provide your child with creative surroundings, situations and experiences, and even if you think it’s too over the top such as going to an Art Gallery, take them.They will be fascinated and will ask many questions, and who knows they may go on to become the next famous artist!

You may be travelling in the car so asking a question such as, ‘I wonder if there’s a den in that wood?’ A great tip is to ask them to imagine they’re travelling to a faraway place or ask what’s over the next bend of the road, and then see how they react. It’s fascinating to get the child’s feedback.

Set them free

Parents can provide endless help in developing their child’s creativity which is essential for all health and happiness. Remember too that creativity is not limited to artistic or musical talent so you need to allow your child to be free to explore the world around them. Providing the resources they need to explore their personal creativity is vital. This doesn’t mean interacting with commercial toys or gadgets; it can be something as simple as a box of dressing up clothes.They’ll revel in this, and they’ll play for ages pretending to be someone else. All kids need time to allow themselves to freely express and be un-encumbered by adults. Quite often intervening can ruin a child’s game or thoughts.

Creative decision making

In allowing your child to explore, they’ll be using all motor skills, and be free to create their own decisions.They will learn confidence assurance and self expression. Encouraging your child to act on creative thoughts allows them to fully express, and therefore, make personal decisions.

Reading and Drawing

Both are essential for encouraging creativity and imaginations. Often a ‘homemade story’ told as you think it up can be huge fun and asking for the child to add their thoughts as the story progresses. Set a fun theme and make it exciting. Kids will love their own input and keep the story going until they fancy a new one. If you forget where the story ended last time, then just create a new idea.

Be creative yourself

All kids learn from watching their parents whatever the task. If you’re painting, decorating, gardening, or making a meal, let them join in where possible. If your child suddenly asks for something obscure such as building a den in the kitchen, just go with the flow. Even if it’s very simple like hiding behind chairs with a few towels thrown over the top, the child will then create a den to their liking. Do join in games if asked, but more often than not the child will be happy making creative decisions alone.

Nurturing a particular passion

If a child shows a real interest in something which fascinates them beyond all else, then you should explore ways of ensuring this. Children are always fascinated by animals, and farm parks and zoos are great places to visit.They may have a family pet which encourages childhood responsibility of caring and feeding the pet, and in turn this improves impulse control, self-esteem and social skills.

Having a free space

Most kids are fortunate in having their own room in which to sleep and play, however, if this is not the case then the child should be given a space in that room that belongs to them.The space will allow a child to develop and experiment and be creative. Life together is easier for siblings, and in the long-term it teaches patience and understanding.

As long as each child has their own personal drawer, this goes a long way to respecting someone else’s space.If a child is in the ‘only child’ category, then forget all the associated syndromes of being lonely etc.The child will invariably grow up to be a creative thinker and they are no less social than other kids, and in fact are more flexible and creative as a result.

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