Gifts for 2 year old boy who has everything

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

Two year olds are curious and always on the go. So finding gifts that entertain for more than 2 minutes is no easy task!

As both their physical and mental learning goes into overdrive, they become more curious and want to explore their surroundings. Their independence grows and they reach milestones that make them feel like the bigger kids!

It may be the climbing frame in the park,  that 3 months ago neither their motor skills or confidence were up to challenging, yet now they climb like Spiderman.

This is the age to instill in them a lifelong love of learning and exploration, whether it be in their own backyards or out in the big wide world. The gifts and toys that they receive need to encourage their creativity, along with being fun and educational.

There are some fantastic ideas around even for the most discerning parents. We have some of the best gift ideas for that little boy who has everything.

  • Moluk Bilibo Blue

MOLUK Bilibo Blue

This seemingly simple design will open up a whole new world of open ended play for your toddler. It has endless possibilities, sit in it, stand in it, spin in it or stack it.

This amazing award winning Bilibo is the result of collaboration with child development experts.

“This is cool. It can be a hat or a chair, that’s fun,” says Dr. Golinkoff. “I go by certain principles, and my first principle is that the toy shouldn’t control too much of what the child is going to do. Ask: Is this 90 percent child and 10 percent toy, or 90 percent toy and 10 percent child? If there’s only one thing to do with it, then the toy is controlling everything. This one’s more open-ended, so he gets to make his own world.”

It comes in a variety of bright colours and immediately engages children. It stimulates the development of balance, coordination, motor skills, creativity, imagination and role playing.

Easily transportable, take it anywhere your toddler goes, it’s strong enough to withstand the most rambunctious toddler. In my opinion one of the best toddler development toys there is.

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  • Hape Mesmerizing Magnetic Wooden Maze Puzzle

HABA Town Maze Magnetic Puzzle Game For 2 - 5 Years - Learning & Education Toys for Preschoolers

This toy sees a return to a classic game from years ago.

Guide the colourful marbles through the maze, turning the dials to create the correct path or switch it up by changing the path.

This simple yet innovative toy encourages logic, dexterity, critical thinking and hand eye coordination. A great problem solving toy for toddlers.

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  • Yvolution My Buddy Wheels Dino Balance Bike

This is a spin on the original balance bike for this age group.

Providing your budding little cyclist with his very own riding buddy.

He will barely notice that he is learning to ride as he has fun learning balance, stability, speed and of course confidence.

All with the fun of riding his own dinosaur - no 2 year old could refuse!

  • 10PCS Novelty Mini Man Fridge Magnets

10PCS Novelty Mini Man Fridge Magnets, Toosunny Cute Rubber Magnet Men Refrigerator Magnets Magnetic Toy For Adults Office Fun Decorative Decoration

These refrigerator magnets will entertain the fussiest of toddlers.

They have magnets in both their feet and hands, so you can make almost any shape you want, bringing out your child’s creativity and logical thinking. While keeping the whole family entertained along the way.

Your 2 year old will have so much fun with this unusual gift, that they will want to keep collecting them. Building bigger and better structures.

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  • Sakkaro Geometry Toy

POPULAR PLAYTHINGS Sakkaro Geometry Toy, Multicolor, Standard 5.5 H x 7.5 L x 5.5 W

This set comes with a booklet providing 100 patterns and shapes that can be constructed from the geometric shapes.

As the coloured translucent shapes are fitted together to form new shapes, they also blend to form new colours.

This toy will foster creativity and logical thinking, as well as hand-eye coordination and helps to promote early STEM subjects.

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  • SmartMax Start Plus (30 pcs)

SmartMax Start Plus STEM Building Magnetic Discovery Set

This is the start of the introduction of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects. Even at this young age, children can begin to learn the STEM concepts that will give them that advantage further on in their education journey.

As this is a very hands on construction set it helps to build a child’s dexterity along with their fine motor skills.

Children will be in awe as they click together the bars and balls to make an endless set of shapes, structures, animals and much more. They are only limited by their imagination and possibly how many pieces they have.

But each of these sets are compatible with another, allowing endless possibilities with no restrictions.

This set includes 30 colorful, oversized pieces, including extra strong bars and metal balls. This Start + version also contains 4 curved bars!

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  • Subscription to Green Kid Crafts


This award winning subscription service is the brainchild of a working mom and scientist. She realised that children need to be encouraged to think creatively and learn about the world around them.

All the kits promote and encourage STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) subjects

From gift cards to monthly subscription boxes, each is geared towards the age and stage of development of your child.

This unique gift will keep your child entertained long after the wrapping paper and cards have disappeared!

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  • Subscription to Giftlit

guess-how-much-i-love-youThis subscription service provides the gift of literature to even the youngest of readers.

You choose the age group, collection and duration, or even building your own collection for that special little one.

Each month he will receive a new book from the collection that you chose for him.

This beautiful gift will encourage a simple love of reading and storytelling in your child. Helping to develop their creativity, imagination and love of books.

If nothing on this list takes your fancy for your little 2 year old man, and I know from experience that they can be so difficult to buy for.

Then why not give an experience instead. Children will remember time, experiences and adventure long after the money is spent and the gifts have been outgrown and disappeared.

So with this in mind, why not think outside the box, think like a 2 year old, experiences such as Zoo keeper for the day, hot air balloon ride, a show or anything else that your child will love.

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