Infant development activities for Baby's overall development

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

From the very earliest months it’s important to judge your baby’s mood and take everything step by step.  From birth to three months it’s just eating, pooping and sleeping, and it can be frustrating, but you can still connect and you’ll be surprised at how the baby will engage, if not crying it will react in some small way. 

Newborns take in sights, sounds and smells and you can help babies in many ways.

Always talk to your baby and tell them what a miracle bundle of joy they are.

  • Music and dance

If the baby is a little grumpy, put on some music and dance and keep some simple toys to hand, and play, shake, rattle and roll.  It’s true, every baby is given a rattle and while it may annoy you, babies will love it.

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Your baby will engage more than you think, but talk as although you may think you’re just talking to yourself, it’s amazing to note your baby will listen to your voice intently. Social development continues throughout childhood. Infant Social Development is a term used to describe the process of an infant's need for, and ability to communicate with other people. Therefore, healthy development is vital to a child's ability to trust, and in turn develop confidence and efficient use of language skills. Parents can interact with a child’s social development through easy social activities that will build trust and stability for the child to become at ease and skilful at relating to others.

  • Encourage everything

As the infant progresses through the early months it will develop rapidly and you’ll be surprised at the ongoing changes.  Point to your nose, then ask ‘Where’s your nose’, etc. and chat about fingers and toes and other interesting things.  Many games can be enjoyed through learning body parts.  Hold the infant to a mirror and ask, ‘Who’s that, where’s your eyes?’ You’ll hear gurgling and infant chats, and all the time the tot is learning and observing.  You may think you’re overloading with tasks, but it makes it interesting for you and the infant. Also read - Best baby crawling mat.


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