Keeping a 2 year old busy ; 7 Interesting Ideas

Emma Davies
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By now a 2 year old is chatting away, often able to dress and already becoming independent.  Many love singing or showing off their talent by riding a simple trike with stabilizers attached.  It can also be a clingy time and the term, ‘the terrible twos’ is often associated with mood swings and temper tantrums.

It’s long been used to describe mood swings that parents often observe in 2 year old children. A parent may perceive this age as terrible because of the rapid shifts in a child’s mood and behaviors – and the difficulty of dealing with them. One minute your child may be clinging to you, and the next, the child is running in the opposite direction.’ Source: Jay L. Hoecker MD. Mayo Clinic, Florida.

This can be difficult if outbursts happen in the middle of a crowded place, but if at home, try to divert the child into play wherever possible. Never shout as this doesn’t work, but if you get down to their level and speak quietly the tantrum will pass. Keeping them busy is the answer, and there are many tips for keeping a 2 year old entertained.

How to keep a 2 year old entertained

Kids are very energetic at this age and often like to chase about, but most will enjoy painting and colouring or, making a picture of their pet or parent, and any type of messy play is always fun. 

Let them be creative and get them to chat about what they’re making.  If in the kitchen let them help make simple krispie cakes, as kids enjoy baking and eating them.  Paper airplanes are a great idea, and hide and seek is always a winner.  Make sure your 2 year old plays inside and out, as there’s so much variety in both.  Every child enjoys a trip to the park and this can be while away an hour or two especially if you take a picnic and meet other mums and kids.  Time just vanishes and you’ll all feel the benefit.

  • Activities for 2 year olds

There are hundreds of activities that won’t cost much; however, many mums fear that kids will become bored so the answer is to sit them in front of a TV or screen.  This is fine for a short time but getting 2 year olds busy is the real answer.

  • Activity toys

Everything from play puzzles with shapes to match, wooden building blocks and activity cubes are all excellent in providing play and development for 2 year olds. Pop up farmyard animals and stringing bead sets are just a few of the many on today’s marketplace.

Check out this whole list of activity tables for 1 year old.

  • Post it Art

This is a fun game for any 2 year old, with a simple block of paper post it notes. Let them draw or scribble on them, and then stick the notes onto a door or piece of furniture.  They’ll let their imaginations run wild and when the display is full of art work then make up a story.  Imagine something and play ‘let’s pretend’ and take a note down one at a time as the story progresses.  It works a treat.

  • Sorting

Every child loves to sort things and it can be anything.  If you have plastic containers let them make up a game.  They will often go to their toy box and add things to the exciting game.  Sorting and stacking can include books and magazines, and anything that’s safe for the child to play with. Also read toddler brain toys.

  • All dressed up

Kids love a dressing up box. Keep all your old clothes and for rainy days especially, as there’s a lot of fun to be had in dressing up then pretending they’re someone else.  Make sure you record their antics either by photos or stories.

  • Beach, theme parks and holidays 

These special times offer a huge variety of activities and you and your two year old will be spoilt for choice.  So if they choose a ride in a theme park or play sandcastles on the beach, enjoy these special times.  Your child will never be bored, and neither will you. They will enjoy fun filled days and those memories will last a lifetime. (to get more interesting ideas read on 2 year old birthday gift ideas)

  • Soft play areas

These are wonderful play areas for kids as they can be free to jump, laugh and play safely with the soft balls, and enjoy meeting other kids.  Due to them being enclosed spaces they are safe environments where parents can watch nearby.

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