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Play Kitchen for Girls : Our Top 10 Picks for 2021

Play kitchen sets are definitely an important part of every little girl’s childhood with whom she can play to prepare pretend food or cakes to impress her friends and family, but also help gain a sense of responsibility. So why not help your child make delicious foods, while also enjoying their playtime in their own perfect little kitchen.

Most of the play kitchen sets have an open design that encourages social play and sharing with friends. Almost every piece that comes with the kitchen sets can be used to improve your child’s cooperation, communication skills, and stimulate imagination, hands-on skills, and coordination, so we can easily say kitchen sets are more than just a toy.

Not only girls will enjoy playing with the kitchen sets, but the whole family as well with lots of kitchen role play ideas, where your little one can be the head chef of the restaurant, or even a grill master. All you have to do is eat their food and pretend it’s the best meal you have ever tried.

There are few things you should consider before picking the prefect kitchen set for girls, putting the focus on color, designs and accessories.

Color and design

Most of the girls enjoy bright colors like pink, white, orange, yellow, purple, etc., or even those perfect pastel colors, so focus on your child’s favorite color when choosing the perfect set, and if you can’t decide which color to choose, then just combine few of them.

Not all kitchen sets are made of just plain colors. There is also wide set of decorations and designs which can make those kitchen pop. It is up to you and your child, will you choose some cute designs like polka dots, stripes, or maybe even some flowery details. If nothing, you can always add them yourself, so you can make that little girl even more happy.


When it comes to play kitchen accessories you should consider that girls are all about details. You would like to choose a set with realistic design and features that mimics a real kitchen. The more, the better – fridge, oven, oven knobs, towel rack, microwave, pots, utensils, sounds, etc. Thankfully, when it comes to kid kitchen set, there are various of options to choose from.

In order to help you decide, we made a list where you can choose several different girl kitchen sets:

4 Different girl kitchen sets

With this modern KidKraft kitchen, your toddler can play with oven and microwave, while enjoying lots of storage above and bellow the sink, and with 27 additional pieces to play with, including the cordless phone, the fun will never end.

  • Ages: 36 months-10 years.
KidKraft Modern White Play Kitchen & 27-pc. Matching Cookware Set with 1 Piece Accessory Play Set, Gift for Ages 3+

This kitchen set for girls provides everything a girl needs to cook in her own kitchen. It comes with the fridge, oven, dispenser, lots of kitchenware, utensils and accessories – you name it, it’s there.  Plus, the stove will be huge fun for the girls, since it’s equipped with lights and sounds. The kitchen is also spacious, so numerous kids can play together.

  • Ages: 3+

This compact, fashionable and modish kitchen comes with storage space inside, working microwave, the fridge and oven doors with clicker handle above it. Burner is equipped with electric cooking sounds and the fridge door can open, where you can find room inside to stock food and accessories.

  • Ages: 36 months-10 years.

Equipped with over 100 accessories pieces like mixer, cups and spoon sets for measuring, baking tray, glasses, plates, and much more, you will hardly notice difference between real kitchen and this one. Besides the cooker, oven, sink, refrigerator and the dishwasher, you can find some recipes and even chef hat with apron. The possibilities are endless with this one.

  • Ages: 6+

And if your little one is all about pink, we made a special list of pink play kitchen sets as well:

6 Pink play kitchen sets

With this huge set made with a lifelike design that copies a real kitchen, designed for kids size, your little chefs can play all day. It contains 7 play pieces accessories like utensils and pots, and few fun features like towel rack and ice machine. It will also surprise you with authentic sounds like the “click” of the oven knobs.

  • Ages: 3+

What makes this play piece attractive addition to any home are modern features with vintage aesthetic and fun pastel pink and gold design. This wooden kitchen comes with an oven, a microwave, the sink made of stainless-steel, and a storage cabinet. It’s equipped with 6 accessories that matches with any other child play food items.

  • Ages: 36 months – 8 years.

This set is made of long-lasting, coated composite wood and plastic, so your little one can have harm-free enjoyment for many years. There is also a chalkboard surface where your kid can scribble down notes and recipes. Besides the cordless phone, you can also find utensils and pots. Your child can also get a real experience with genuine sounds of the ice machine or the “click” of the stove knobs.

  • Ages: 3+

This Costzon kitchen play set is long-lasting and steady for your kid to play, because it’s made of solid pine wood and medium density fiberboard. This kitchen has everything you can think off, like the stove, ladle, jars, kitchen towels, pots and kettle, and much more. It also has working doors, knobs, and other features like the switch for the oven.

  • Ages: 12 months – 10 years.

With the mixture of grey, blue and white colors, this kitchen creates a cozy atmosphere in which your child experiences the joys of the kitchen in the game. It’s equipped with most kitchen utensils, like stove, microwave oven, and removable sink and on the plus side, the stove and the board are easily cleaned.

  • Ages: 8+

This kitchen set made of wood, contains a simulated stove that comes with two rotary knobs with click sound. It also has a water faucet, oven, and a cupboard, which is excellent for engaging in social play while pretending to cook, wash dishes and much more.

  • Ages: 3+
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