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STDs List and Symptoms of STDs

STDs List & Symptoms of STDs

(STDs)Sexually transmitted diseases and Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are not something any of us like to think about but it has become more important than ever to get yourself checked, especially if you are pregnant. These viruses can affect babies skin, eyes, mouth, joints, blood, central nervous system, and can even lead to their death.

In simple terms, an STI means an infection has been contracted, but it is not yet a disease. Some sexually transmitted viruses do not have symptoms but a person can carry the virus. As soon as that virus shows a symptom it will be a disease, or an STD, which is far more serious.

Below are the most common STDs and STIs, their symptoms and the treatments.

Genital Herpes

HPV(Human Papillomavirus) Genital Warts




Hepatitis B




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