Dealing With Toddler Tantrums : Expert Facts For 2 Year Old

Imagine you are in the park with your lad and suddenly a football from high school kids playing nearby came towards your kiddo. Instead of returning that ball to them, your sweetheart kept it alongside. Your little
munchkin in not ready to return the ball to the kids.


What will you do now? Will you shout and force your kiddo to return the ball? Or you will forcefully snatch a ball and let your kid cry?

These are some common scenario faced by parents of 2 year old toddlers when tantrums are on the peak.

Tantrum is actually a sudden outburst of emotions, in the form of anger, failure, dissatisfaction and frustration in order to get something they wish for.

Tantrums like crying, blaring, stiffening limbs, stomping, falling down, kicking, throwing, biting or hitting things, banging the head on the floor or on the wall or  holding breath are commonly seen in toddlers and preschoolers.

Relax! Toddler tantrums are just normal part of child development and nothing unusual.

Tantrums come in all shapes and sizes. Your child can throw a tantrum over almost anything and everything. You just have to find out the key to the lock.

My nephew cries-when his pants are too short long; when his favourite food is too hot; when kids channer is not lelecasting his favourite carton series.
Crazy, Right?

Kids of age-group 2-3 years old mostly have social and emotional tantrums (when language skills are starting to develop) and they are not capable of reasoning or manipulating. Tantrums are usually their way of expressing & managing feelings. They are trying to understand the change around them. As language skills improve, tantrums tend to decrease.

Expert Ideas Of Dealing With Your 2-Year Old Toddler Tantrums

1.Give Positive attention to your child.

Get in the habit of rewarding your child, praise him/her on a regular basis and give your attention. Don’t let him/her feel neglected. Help them learn new skills by their own.

2. Distract your little one.

Toddlers usually have very short attention span. Take advantage of this!

When being fussy, try to distract them from the situations which are making them uncomfortable. Changing the environment, changing the food or changing their play stuff can make a huge difference.

I usualy distract my 2.3 years old daughter by just replacing her grilled chicken ( which she sometimes doesn't like) with a circular shaped toast & peanut butter .
-Mother of 2.3 years old Ana.

Remember, you can always hide a piece of chicken inside her sandwich. This is very simple trick ti follow but can make a huge difference and avoid a mess on the dinner table 

Shhh it's a secret..... 

3. Relieve them.

As a parent, you can restore your lad’s emotional balance just by hugging him/her. This will elevate the level of oxytocin (feel good chemical) in your child and help in regulating their emotions.


Stay calm and polite when you yourself are angry or frustrated. Children copy what their parents do. When your child is angry, be patient and teach them how to face difficulties without losing emotional control.

I’m sorry, I know you are disappointed in me but you cannot have this candy before you finish your food. Be firm, kind and polite at the same time.


Your toddler needs you. Punishments causes pain and feeling of isolation among your toddler.

2 years is very young age to understand the harshness of such behaviour. They need you, give some time to understand their feelings and teach them expressing their emotions. Teach them to use words and express feelings next time, instead of throwing things or crying.

Punishments can be used when you child has intentionally hurt someone like biting or hitting. But remember to punish him/her when he/she is in normal state and not overloaded with emotions.


Understand your little munchkin’s limits. Take him/her to the super market fully fed.

Let them know in advance your reason of going there; for grocery shopping not candy shopping.

Provide them distraction and alternatives in advance. Toddlers of this age are prone to throw tantrums when they are hungry, angry, lonely and tired.

Preventing Tantrums in 2-Year Old Toddler

  • Be consistent in your daily routine.
  • Plan your errands according to your toddler’s need and routine.
  • Encourage your lad to use emotional vocabulary and teach feelings.
  • Let your child take his little decision; be it his clothes or toys.
  • Avoid situation which triggers his tantrums.

2 years is very crucial age for a child to learn and understand feelings. Your simple disapproval may cause irritation and disappointment. Always encourage your lad to express feelings, let them take decision on their own (clothes to wear, food to eat or game to play etc) and appreciate their choices.


When kids have something to look forward, they readily obey their parents. You can offer a lot to a 2 year old toddler.

“When you will behave in the restaurant nicely, I will buy you your favourite ice cream.”

For a 2 year old, Rewarding is totally acceptable as long as it is under certain limits.

Never bribe your kiddo when he/she in the middle of a tantrum.image5

Showing tantrums are common ways of avoiding difficult situations by a 2 year old toddler. When dealing with your 2 year old toddler’s tantrums, it is best to stay positive and calm. Ignore his behaviour and try to change the place (go away from that room). When your kiddo is calm again, talk about the situation and teach him/her about expressing the feelings. Talking may reduce their anxiety level and they feel safe and comfortable to share their needs. Tantrums are common in the process of child development. Don’t worry and tackle like an expert.

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