Best Toys for Smart toddlers to Make them even Smarter

Emma Davies
Stay at Home Mom

Every parent thinks that their toddler is remarkable and they all are in their own way. However, some of our little people are truly gifted and this thirst for new challenges needs to be encouraged and developed by providing them with toys and play opportunities that stretch their minds and engage them. Toys for smart toddlers are the key.

So what to look for when choosing toys for smart toddlers:-

  • Multi purpose toys - Cube toys that provide many different toys in one. These will help to prevent boredom that can occur with a one dimensional toy.
  • Age appropriate - The manufacturer may advise suitable for 3+ however many of these toys are suitable for gifted toddlers.
  • Fun - Whether gifted or “normal” children learn through play and in order to do this, play must be fun!
  • Something New - Introducing something new that a toddler has not experienced before will be exciting for them, whether this be Mozart, Maths or another language.
  • Experience - Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University states that experiences in the earliest years of life form the foundation of brain architecture. Experience is key!

Here are some of the Best Toys for Smart Toddlers.

  • Mozart Magic Music Cube

Munchkin® Mozart Magic® Cube Music Toy for Baby and Toddler - Includes 5 Instrument Sounds, 8 Mozart Songs and Lights

This exciting cube teaches our little budding musicians how sounds combine to create eight classical music masterpieces by the composer that it takes its name from.

It enables children with a touch of a button, to add or subtract different instruments from the five provided, french horn, piano,harp, violin and flute.

This toddler brain toy helps to open up new possibilities for those gifted toddlers.

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  • Melissa & Doug geometric stacker

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker - Wooden Educational Toy - Shape Sorter And Stacking Toy, Stacking Tower Toy For Babies, Toddlers And Kids Ages 2+, Multicolor, Playsets

This beautifully made set comes complete with 25 multi coloured assorted shapes. These development toys help to build early shape, colour and size differentiation skills.

These can be further developed by Adults playing games with children to extend their learning further. By removing all the pieces to a flat surface and helping children to name each shape, comparing size both on a flat surface and by using the rods, the pieces can be sorted by colour, shape or size. This could also be a construction toy for toddlers as every child will try to build a free standing tower to knock over.

This would be an exceptional addition to any gifted child’s toy box.

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  • Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water table

Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table for 24 months to 36 months

This fun water table is loaded with lots of features to keep even the most gifted toddler busy for hours.

With pipes that can be arranged so that water can go wherever your child’s imagination wants it to go up, down or even sideways.

A hand operated pump pushes the water into the tower which then lets it flow into the fountain and then down one of the 4 pipes, providing an opportunity for children to learn cause and effect.

Most importantly, this is a really fun toy that children of all abilities will love but that can also provide extended learning for those that need it.

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  • Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube

This Parents Choice Gold Winner, multi purpose toy provides opportunities for hours of engaging and intriguing fun.

With activities on 5 sides provide opportunities for visual tracking, maths skills, letter and number recognition, colour recognition and many more. It also promotes basic learning skills such as hand eye coordination.

This toy will challenge any gifted toddler with its Abacus, Roller Coaster track, Pathfinder, Gears and Learn the alphabet.

  • Munchkin Letters and Numbers

This colourful set includes 36 floating letters and 10 numbers. Made from soft durable non toxic foam.

This is a good example of educational toys for toddlers.

All the foam shapes will stick to the bath sides when wet, providing a different learning environment for children.

These letters provide the platform for skills such as early letter recognition, motor skills and coordination.

For the more advanced toddler these can also provide opportunities for practicing letter manipulatives and even form letter strings or words.

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